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Details For The First "Are You Tough Enough To Be Kind" Sale

Hey All! Thanks so much for the positive feedback on Tuesday's Blog Post introducing the first "Are You Tough Enough To Be Kind" sale. If you haven't seen it, go here. Again, the idea is to spread a little kindness to friends during this cold, dreary, blah January. There are two major sales that begin tomorrow at 8:00 A.M. and will last 24 hours. Here are the details:

Buy any Standard Print and I'll send a Standard Print to your friend for free

Here's how it works:

-Subscribe to Go Live Images if you haven't already.

-Choose any size Standard Print from any of the Band Galleries. If you haven't checked out the site yet, EVERY photo in my portfolio is clickable. Every band has their own page sorted by concert date (easy is good, right?).

-Then choose any size Standard Print for your friend. Please note, that this doesn't need to be the same photo that you picked out for yourself.

-At check out, enter code ToughEnough in the promo code field.

-Just under the promo code field, you'll see the "Add A Note" field. Include which print(s) you want your friend to receive (you'll see the print number in your cart), your friend's address, and any note that you want included with the photo. I can also write a brief note on your behalf if you leave it blank.

-There are no limits on the number of uses in case you feel like making several people's day :)

*For International orders, I can only send all prints to one address*

Buy One, Get One 50% off on all Limited Edition Merch

Here's how it works:

-Subscribe to Go Live Images if you haven't already.

-Choose any two pieces of Limited Edition Merch.

-At check out, enter code Limited50.

Lastly, I've gotten a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the aluminum prints. The beauty of these prints is really hard to show in photos; you just have to see them fo yourself. I pre-install a bamboo bracket on the back of the print so when they hang, they look like they're floating about an inch off of your wall; it's a pretty striking effect. Please know that any photo that you find in the Band Galleries can be printed on Aluminum. So if you find a shot that you really love that's not in the Limited Edition Merch section, just contact me and I'll set it up for you. Thanks so much and looking forward to seeing plenty of acts of kindness starting tomorrow at 8:00 A.M. EST.

With love and light,


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