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Learn Concert Photography
Virtual Lessons

A one-on-one experience tailored specifically for you, you’ll have two (2) 45-minute sessions over Zoom where we’ll go over the integral ingredients to becoming a successful concert photographer.  The first session will focus on the technical side of concert photography, how to use your particular camera, and other photographic principles.  The second session will revolve around creating unique content and include tips and tricks on shot composition, camera placement, and pre-show strategy.

Learn Concert Photography
(With Me As Your Wingman)
Private Session

The quickest way to improve your photography skills is by shooting, shooting, and shooting some more.  With this experience, you’ll have me by your side the entire time.  I’ll meet you in the city of your choosing (any city worldwide) the day before your big show.  You’ll spend an intense day with me learning the ins-and-outs of concert photography encompassing the many technical and artistic aspects of this unique skill.  On Show Day, we’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder shooting the concert and I will provide help in real time as the show progresses.  If you’re looking to improve your concert photography and preserve the memory of a special show, this is the package for you.  This experience is limited to one student per show.

Learn Concert Photography
(With Me As Your Wingman)
Group Session

The same experience as above but in a group session. I’ll post updates on where I’ll be and what shows I’ll be attending.  I’ll take a maximum of four (4) students for the pre-show learning session and concert shooting.


Want to do something kind for a friend that they will absolutely love?  Consider surprising them by sending a print or group of prints from a show or shows that you attended together.  

Custom Curated Photo Exhibits

Did you go to a series of shows that you want to be immortalized in a large scale or capacity?  Perhaps you wish to dedicate a wall of your home or gallery to one or several artists.  I’ll work with you to curate a selection of photos that all work synergistically together.  This is a free service that is tailored to each client individually.

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