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My name is Mike Kurman.  I come from Baltimore, Maryland, USA and I feel most alive when I’m at a live show.  In my mind, nothing in life matches the energy, excitement, and feeling of community quite like being in the mix at a concert.  From the time that I began taking a camera to shows, my goal has always been the same – I want to make the viewer feel like they were standing right next to me on that particular night experiencing the same magic that I lived through.  When I hear clients say, “I feel like I was there” or ask “were you on stage with the band?” I know that I’m doing it right.  In my mind, there isn’t a greater souvenir, or a better way to immortalize an extraordinary evening than having a tangible image as a visual record of that night.  A photo will never shrink and fade like an overpriced concert t-shirt. 


I’ve been honing my style over the last 25 years by attending dozens of concerts yearly all over the world.  Aside from working with clients directly, my photos have been featured in RollingStone Magazine, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, international art galleries, artist-specific publications, and countless local and national newspapers and websites.


Whether you choose an individual image that grabs you or several images to form your own custom curated wall, I’m here to work with you on creating something striking, unique, and most of all personal.  Thank you for being a part of my musical journey.

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