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Sending Love & Light (That Can't Get Stuck In The Mail!)

As a kid, what was better than seeing a pen pal letter or a package with your name on it? As an adult, pen pal letters turn into bills and the occasional fun package typically features dishwashing detergent, paper towels, and other essentials that Amazon can conveniently leave on our doorsteps (especially during the time of Covid).

But the holidays are special times when there are other goodies floating through the mail. Many of those goodies are custom items that you may have purchased from Go Live Images. I just wanted to take a quick minute to first thank everyone for their support during the launch of Go Live Images and second, take a quick minute to apologize to those folks who haven't yet received their orders. Due to an insane influx of mail that our postal system just can't handle, as hard as they're working, the USPS just can't keep up. FedEx and UPS are similarly facing extremely weighted backlogs of packages to deliver.

At the top of the Most Important Things list when it comes to what Go Live Images represents is quality. To ensure that my products are second-to-none, every single print, Limited Edition item, and custom order is personally inspected by me instead of having things drop shipped direct to you. For this reason, I list a 2 to 4 week turnaround on most items. Due to the extremely backed up mail system, orders that I sent out weeks ago have not been received and I want to apologize for this. Unfortunately, I know that many of these items were going to be given as gifts during the holiday season and if I could deliver them personally, I would. So again, if your package didn't make it under the tree, I'm very sorry. I promise that when they arrive, whoever gets 'em will love 'em.

Sending love and light (that won't get stuck in the mail),


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