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Go Live Images Featured In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Make sure to check out Depeche Mode's induction page to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you look near the "shop" button, you'll see that I'm given photo credit. Their site isn't optimized for mobile devices so the images are cut off. If you can check it out on a desktop, it'll look much cooler. As a celebration of this success, I'm doing a sale on Depeche Mode photos, Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Use code DepecheRockHall. Check out all of my Depeche Mode Galleries here.

Aside from being one of my favourite bands, Depeche Mode is an incredible live band. I've heard people (who have never seen them) say that because of how synth-heavy their music is, they wouldn't think that they'd be great live. In other words, their music wouldn't translate to a live setting. I'm here to say that Depeche Mode is one of the finest, most professional live bands around. As a front man, Dave Gahan brings such charisma to the stage. I can only think of a few that may be "better." And Martin L Gore is a legend.

Thanks again to everyone for their ongoing support of Go Live Images; it's greatly appreciated.

With love and light,


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