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Paul Comes To Baltimore

June 12, 2022

Paul "got back" to Baltimore after nearly 6 decades and left a hurting city smiling from ear to ear. I've seen Paul about a half dozen times throughout the years but never in my hometown so this night was even more special. It had been nearly a dozen years since I had seen him headline Coachella. After seeing video from earlier shows in the tour, I'll admit that I was somewhat worried about Paul's voice holding up. But on this hot June night, he was singing like a bird. His band, the same band that he's been playing with for decades, sounded as tight as ever. The setlist was a perfect blend of Beatles, Wings, and solo material. If this was the final time that I see Paul perform, it'll leave a strong lasting impression.

Prints are now available to purchase. Check out my entire set of photos here and I'm doing a limited run of metal prints for three of the shots. You can get them here, here, and here. These will really pop off of your walls or make an amazing gift for your concert buddy. Enjoy!

With love and light,


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