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On This Day 20 Years Ago

May 6, 2001 - We had been at Mellon Arena for 5 minutes when we saw a caravan of black Suburbans pull in. Back in 2001, "meeting" a member of U2 was significantly more difficult than it is today. While they certainly gave autographs and took photos with fans, there really weren't "meet and greets" like we've come to know now. So when Bono and Larry got out, there really wasn't much commotion.

About 10 minutes after we arrived, we were standing with Larry Mullen Jr. To this day, it's the only time that I've ever had the opportunity to chat with him. He was kind, pleasant, and engaging. A few minutes later, we were talking to Bono. Believe it or not, he remembered me from the first time we met. That was November 14, 1997 in Miami; unbelievable. Here's what I remember most from our conversation:

  1. Inviting him to my wedding. I know that the band would be in Sweden that night but figured 20 years later, it would be cool to retell the story of inviting Bono to my wedding.

  2. Asking if the band would play Lemon.

It was a brief conversation but a great one. I don't remember why, but I didn't ask Bono or Larry for a photos. But I did ask Bono to sign a few of my CD's and what you see are Bono's responses to bits of our conversation.

Sending love and light to everyone.



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